Deutscher Sauna-Bund

Deutscher Sauna-Bund

Meisenstr. 83, Bielefeld
tel.: 0049 521 96679-0
Member of International Sauna Association


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  • Whisking training in 2012 at MerisaunaWhisking training in 2012 at Merisauna
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  • Sauna diplomacy. Meeting with Lithuanian Bath AcademySauna diplomacy. Meeting with Lithuanian Bath Academy
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About us

The association was formed in December 1947 and recorded in the Register of Associations in February 1949 in order to spread the concept of sauna-bathing in Germany, to promote scientific research and technical progress in the field of sauna and to advise all members of the association who run a sauna or build sauna cabins and support them with its range of services. 

Valuable scientific research and targeted public relations have contributed to the fact that nowadays more than 30 million German citizens consider themselves as sauna enthusiasts; about ten million German citizens visit the sauna regularly and another ten million occasionally. Modern saunas with a high technical standard are open to them offering valuable services geared to human health. Sauna-bathing nowadays stands for pure wellbeing. 

The members of Deutscher Sauna-Bund e.V. are public saunas and leisure facilities (run by local authorities or private owners), hotels and guesthouses with sauna facilities, sauna cabin manufacturers and trading companies, planning offices, founders of new business and other persons interested in the concept of the sauna.


Deutscher Sauna-Bund e.V. is a health association and specialist organization for public saunas, sauna manufacturers and suppliers in Germany.

Formation: December 1947
Entry in the Register of Associations: February 1949


Executive Committee: 

Prof. Dr. Carsten Sonnenberg

Vice President
Udo Mauritz, Head of Public 
Baths Treasurer
Dr. Karsten Gröning, Expert 
Erich Hartmann 
Committee Members
Dieter Gronbach, Head of Public Baths
Frank Bohn, Sauna Owner
Bernd Schuler, Sauna Owner


The 24th of September is the Sauna Day in Germany 

In Germany there are 31.4 million of sauna bathers and more than 12,000 sauna facilities at public pools, hotels, guesthouses and sports facilities. Deutscher Sauna-Bund takes this as an occasion to initiate a Sauna Day. For this reason, the Sauna Day will now be celebrated every year on the 24th of September. The sauna facilities all over the country will surprise their guests with special campaigns on this day. This year the focus is on the motto Sauna connects. It is meant to place special emphasis on the shared experience of sauna bathing and links up with the custom of various bathing cultures. According to a survey of Deutscher Sauna-Bund social intercourse and communication are important factors for sauna bathing to many visitors of the sauna. Men and women visit the sauna with equal frequency and a major share prefer the mixed sauna. Apart from the health-promoting and relaxing effect sauna bathing has a connecting element and brings young and old, professors and taxi drivers or locals and newcomers together. To mark the beginning of the Sauna Day a press conference will be held at the recently opened Vabali Spa sauna centre in Berlin on this day. In her capacity as this year's sauna ambassador the well-known TV presenter, author and journalist Nina Ruge will take charge of the moderation. She distinguishes herself due to her special interest in different people, her extraordinary social commitment and her preference for sauna and spa. She will make the Sauna Day a special event.

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