Perkūnijos pirtis

Perkūnijos pirtis

Pajiesio 18, Pajiesio vil., Garliava, Kaunas
tel.: +370 610 27921


About us

A small private high quality pirtis is a quarter hour drive from the Kaunas - the second Lithuanian city. Small but mighty in terms of relaxation and genuine pirtis tradition.

Hot room

The hotroom is designed for professional whisking and other procedures. You will not find usual sauna benches, but a single large washing bench which takes all space except some central area. This is nice for working with groups of people.

Washing room

Washing room has a double function - you can take a shower here or lay facedown on the wet massage table and let Audra apply different pirtis ointments on your ached back.

Resting area

Conference hall. On the first floor of the country villa there is a spacious hall. It contains furniture from the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX century. High-quality audio equipment, a mini bar, special lighting, big fireplace, TV, a projector and screen are available. The hall is well-suited for organizing exclusive conferences. Oak banquet room. A 18x5 m banquet and party room is built separately on a steep bank by the lake. It has a bar, hot-water and coffee devices, water pipe, speakers, lighting. The room's capacity - 85 places at the long tables, 60-65 places at the round tables.


Hand made heavy brick oven of periodical type. It means that stones are heated before you go to pirtis. Very hot stones are well protected by red clay bricks and therefore do not heat hotroom air to much.

After splashing some water on the stones you hear powerful sound of steam and can start enjoying traditional Lithuanian sweat bathing.

Steam, microclimate

After splashing some water on the stones you hear powerful sound of steam and can start enjoying traditional Lithuanian sweat bathing.
You can try both laying and relaxation or traditional whisking.


To change clothes you will be asked to use attic floor upstairs. There is enough space there, but it is not gender separated, so you will need to dress up in shifts. This is the situation in the most of small Lithuanian saunas. There is also toilet there.


If you visit Perkūnijos pirtis, you will not be left without traditional whisking  - a treatment that has been a must in every sauna in Lithuania and around.


Price may vary depending on the order, but you should expect paying around 200 euro for a pirtis session with some procedures made by Audra.

Congress excursion

We offer a traditional Lithuanian pirtis experience for a group of 8 persons. Your visit to Perkūnijos pirtis will include:
* A cup of tea
* A short explanation of the process
* A ritual of first steam
* Cleaning body with aromated salt
* Group whisking
Applications with honey You will be met by Audra, a professional whisker and bath attendant from Lithuanian Bath Academy.

Find us

Drive south from Kaunas to Warsaw. Watch out for Alytus sign and turn there. You will pass a long roadside village Ilgakiemis. From there you can call and ask for precise directions.