Österreichisches Sauna Forum

Österreichisches Sauna Forum

Mailbox Suite Nr. 130 Triester Str. 10/3/301 2351, Wiener Neudorf
tel.: +43 664 7912814
Member of International Sauna Association

About us

Many specialists of the Austrian sauna industry bring their knowledge into our various working groups. We offer our members the following services: Consulting on planning, operating and operating approval by public authoritis. Vocational education and training for sauna staffs. Active cooparation in the development of Sauna Standards of the Austrian Standard Institute. "News-Mailer" of the Austrian Sauna Forum and other journals. Communication with industry insiders and qualified experts. Contacts to foreign Sauna Associations.    

Members list


The Austrian Sauna Forum was founded in 1995 as the successor organisation of the Austrian Sauna Association. The initiative was created 1994 during the International Sauna Congress in Helsinki, due to long term inactivity of the Austrian Sauna Association. Thanks to the active cooperation of our founding members we have built a very active organization with 84 members at the moment.  


Most of our members are companies such as saunaproducers, suppliers as well as sauna and spa operators and hotels. However there is also the possibility to be a supporting member. Bord: Peter Jeitler - President. Hubert Teubenbacher and Jürgen Klingenschmid - Vice Presidents. Günter Weisgram - Secretary. Harald Kogler - Finances, Eduard Rohringer and Christian Stelzmüller - Member.   


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