Whisking exam

Date: 2017-03-08, 10:00
Location: Vaskiniementie 10, Helsinki
Organizer: Lithuanian Bath Academy


The first whisking examination took place in Helsinki on March 8th, 2017 in the sauna of Finnish Sauna Society. The examination was organized by Lithuanian Bath Acdemy.
In order to issue international certificate the presence of at least 2 jury members was necessary.

Jury was formed by Rimas Kavaliauskas, President of Lihuanian Bath Academy and Vasily Liakhov, owner and leader of Vasily Liakhov bath school.

Before actual examination took place a short presentation of Vasily LIakhov whisking was done. 4 participants - Mari Keski Korsu, Jussi Niemela, Bradley Blalock and Adam First were let to refresh their memory and be acquainted with the style on another bath master - Vasily.

Each student had to perform classical whisking procedure consisting of 3 rounds - back, front and again, back. They have been provided with 3 kinds of whisks - oak, maple and birch. Thay were asked to perform various methods of whisking - from contactless to deep impact.

In order to get international diplomas two whisking masters arrived that morning to Helsinki:
Rimas Kavaliauskas, president of Lithuanian Bath Academy and Vasily Liakhov, owner of Vasily Liakhov bath school. Both are founders of International Bath Academy.

Master class

Before starting the examination Vasily Liakhov demonstrated his version of whisking technique.


Whisking exam in Helsinki